The South African Small Bus Operators Council (SANSBOC) is a vanguard of emerging small bus operators in South Africa.
Created by the National Department of Transport, we represent over 1300 operators in 9 provinces of South Africa ensuring empowerment of operators and transformation of the industry.
About Us
Elected Leadership

Our new leadership was elected in a national conference in December 2018 and were inaugurated by then Minister of Transport, Dr. Blade Nzimane to serve for a term of 5 years. 

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Development Programmes

 Our members are provided with training and development programmes throughout the country. The focus of the programme is entrepreneurship and statutory compliance sponsored by TETA.

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Covid-19 Relief

Our members have been assisted with covid-19 disinfection kits as part of the flattening the curve campaign. More relief is being negotiated with government to minimise the economic impact.

why join us
Economic Empowerment
We are the only recognised organisation representing small bus operators earmarked for economic empowerment by the National Department of Transport. The quest is to ensure that small bus operators get a share of commuter subsidy allocation in our country.
We are the voice of the voiceless in the passenger transport industry and ensure that progressive policy decisions are taken to advance previously marginalised operators. Our structure is already recognised through a Memorandum of Understanding with government.
Training and Development
we have dedicated programmes meant to deepen knowledge and skills of our members on transport management issues. Programmes ranges from entrepreneurship development to compliance issues to ensure that both operators and their staff members are empowered to managed and grow their operations.
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